The Ashampstead and Aldworth Leaflet

We are grateful to support from all our advertisers, particularly those who take out an annual advertisement.

We also accept one-off advertisments for specific events or purposes. See the rates chart for details.

The following were annual advertisers in 2002.
[Phone numbers and web links to be added]

Moran Consulting
Eamon Mullins
CW Garratt
David Golby
AR Prior
Reginald R Brocks
Richard Wheeler
Ashampstead Montessori Nursery School
C&G Ayres Ltd
Tim Wale
Maple Woodlands
Geoffrey Church & Co
NFU Mutual
The Four Points
Brookwood Motor Company
Paul Barney
Adam and Eve Hair
Richard Wilson & Co
Margaret Cundell
RG Bridgewater
Dennis Bune
CP Joslyn
M Bicknell
Pinnock Brothers
Frank Williams
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