The Ashampstead and Aldworth Leaflet

Expansion welcomed

The leaflet was founded by Norman Hutt in ?? as a simple A4 duplicated and stapled document. By 1983, there were 18 advertisers (3 of whom still advertise in 2003). Subscriptions were 50p.

By 199?, the format had changed to folded A4, making an A5 booklet of more substantial appearance, with a coloured cover. Printing was contracted out to a printer.

By 1998, despite an increase in subscriptions to 2.50, printing costs were projected to become too much for The Leaflet, and the accumulated fund was used to purchase a Risograph, which allowed all the work to be done by volunteer labour. Some questions were raised about the future direction of The Leaflet relative to the wishes of the two villages, and a meeting was held in Aldworth Village Hall. At the meeting it was clear that there was a general desire for The Leaflet to continue in much the same form, and a new committee was elected to do this.

Since then, The Leaflet has continued to flourish, largely as a result of the hard work of the committee, editors, formatters, copiers, collaters and distributors. Advertising revenue has risen, allowing subscriptions to remain low.

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